Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our successful winners! We look forward to welcoming you to Yokohama for the IASLC 18th World Conference on Lung Cancer.

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Young Investigator Travel Awards

Haval Balata
University Hospital of South Manchester, UK
OA 15.04: Community-Based Lung Cancer Screening, Targeting High-Risk Ever Smokers in Deprived Areas of Manchester: an NHS Implementation project

Joshua Baumi
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, USA
OQ 17.08: Phase II Study of Pembrolizumab for Oligometastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Following Completion of Locally Ablative Therapy (LAT)

Kazhong Chen
Peking University People's Hospital, China
OA 07.01: A Prospective STudy of Perioperative Rapid Clearance of Circulating Tumor DNA in RO Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients

Hanbo Chen
London Health Sciences Centre, Canada
OA 16.01: Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy Verses Surgery in Early Lung Cancer: A Meta-analysis of Propensity Score-Adjusted Studies

Bhagirathbhai Dholaria
Mayo Clinic, USA
OA 06.07: Survival Treands Among Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients Over a Decade: Impact of Initial Therapy at Academic Centers

Katey Enfield
British Columbia Research Centre, Canada
OA 07.07: Inhibition of the Novel Oncogene ELF3 Abolishes Lung Adenocarcinoma Growth

Roberto Ferrara
Medical Oncology Gustave Roussy, France
MA 10.11: Hyperprogressive Disease (HPD) Is Frequent in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients (Pts) Treated with Anti PD1/PD-L1 Agents (IO)

Meredith Giuliani
University of Toronto and Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Canada
MA 13.09: Toxicity and Second Primary Lung Cancers in Late Survivors Following Lung SBRT

Francesco Guerrera
University of Torino, Italy
OA 16.02: Risk of Recurrence in Stage I Adenocarcinoma of the Lung: A Multi-Institutional Study on Interaction with Type of Surgery and Type of Nodal Staging

Tomonari Kinoshita
Keio University School of Medicine, Japan
MA 05.04: Distinct Immunosuppressive Microenvironment Determines Poor Prognosis of Nonsmokers with Adenocarcinoma of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Gilliane Lai
National Cancer Center Singapore, Singapore
OQ 09.07: Clonality of c-MET Copy Number Gain as a Determinant of Primary TKI Resistance in EGFR-Mutant NSCLC

Marcin Nicoś
Medical University of Lublin, Poland
OA 08.03: Effect of TOP2A and ERCC1 Genes Polymorphism on the Efficacy and Toxicity of Cisplatin and Etoposide Therapy in SCLC Patients

Ji Soo Park
Yonsei Cancer Centre, Korea
MA 12.01: A Phase lb Study of the Combination of Afatinib and Ruxolintnib in EGFR Mutant NSCLC Progressed on EGFR-TKI: An Updated Analysis

Alexandre Reuben
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
OA 13.05: Immune, Molecular and T Cell Repertoire Landscape of 235 Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers and Paired Normal Lung Tissues

Sara Ricciardi
Division of Thoracic Surgery, University of Pisa, Italy
MA 17.01: Skip N2, and Independent Prognostic Factor of Survival: Analysis of a Favourable N2 Subgroup

Katherine See
Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia
MA 14.09: Impact of Lung Cancer Perceived Risk, Screening Preference - Challenges for Engaging Patients at High Risk

Michael Sharpnack
The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA
OA 18.02: The Landscape of Alteration of DNA Integrity-RElated Genes and Their Association with Tumor Mutation Burden Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Yaakov Tolwin
Tel Aviv University, Israel
MA 18.11: High Incidence of Lung Cancer in Early Stage TCC Patients

Joan Elias Walter
University of Groningen, University Medical Center Gronigen, The Netherlands
OA 15.06: Management of Nonresolving New Solid Nodules after Initial Detection in Incidence Rounds of CT Lung Cancer Screening

Marissa Williams
Asbestos Diseases Research Institute, Australia
MA 19.06: Multiple Mechanisms Contribute to Downregulation of Tumour Suppressor microRNAs in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

Developing National Travel Awards

Pedro Aguiar Jr
Faculdade de Medicinia do ABC, Brazil
P2 07-054: Cost-Effectiveness of Pembrolizumab as First-Line Therapy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Sharif Ahmed
United Hospital Limited Bangladesh
P1 06-011: Hyponatremia - Evaluation of Prevalence in Hospitalized Lung Cancer Patients in Its Prognostic Significance

Marisol Arroyo Hernandez
Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, Mexico
MA 20.12: Longitudinal Evaluation of Pulmonary Function in Patients with Advanced NSCLC Treated with Concurrent Chemo-Radiotherapy

Feliciano Barron
Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, Mexico
P3 14-012: Risk Developing Pneumonitis Increases in Patients Receiving Immunotherapy with a History of Lung Irradiation

Gulrukh Botiralieva
National Cancer Research Center, Uzbekistan
PS 02-049: Immunohistochemical Approach in Predicting Primary Lung Cancer Outcome: A Single Center Study

Gamze Çetinkaya
Uludag University, Turkey
P2 14-016: Pulomonary Resection After Curative Intent Chemoradiation of NSCLC

Tatiana Ionova
Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research, Russia
P1 01-056: Quality of Life and Clinical Outcomes of Nivolumab as 2+ Line Treatment in Advanced Refractory NSCLC Pts: Interim Analysis

Akhil Kapoor
Tata Memorial Hospital, India
P1 01-021: FISH and IHC Discordance in ALK Rearranged Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Sze Shyang Kho
Respiratory Medicine Unit, Sarawak General Hospital, Malaysia
P2 12-002: Radial Probe Endobronchial Ultrasound (R-EBUS) Guided Transbronchial Cryobiopsy In The Diagnosis of Peripheral Lung Mass

Hengrui Liang
The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease, China State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease, China
MA 12.11: The Alteration of T790M Prevalence Between 19 Deletions and L858R in NSCLC After EGFR-TKIs Therapy, a Meta-Analysis

Qianwen Liu
Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, China
OA 03.07: Developing Prognostic Nomogram and Evaluating Its Role in Personalized Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Patients with ESCC

Huseyin Melek
Uludag University, Turkey
MA 17.08: The Validity of TNM Classification After Induction Treatment in Patients with NSCLC: Pulmonary Resection with or Without Induction Treatment

Mangesh Patil
Tata Memorial Hospital, India
P2 14-005: Determination of Optimal Cut off SUV Threshold for Auto-Contouring of GTV Using PETCT for Early Stage NSCLC

Amrita Signh
Thapar University, India
P2 06-004: Role of Polymorphic Variants of BER and DSBR Pathway Genes in Modulating Lung Cancer Susceptibility and Prognosis of North Indian Population

Apichat Tantraworasin
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
OA 04.08: Is Lobe-Specific Lymph Node Dissection in Clinical N0-1 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Adequate for Pathological Nodal Staging

Ana Paula Teixeira
National Cancer Institute - Ministry of Health, Brazil
P3 06-006: The Government Willingness to Legislate Tobacco Control and Changes on Individual Behaviour in Brazil

Lin Tong
Shanghai Respiratory Research Institute, China
MA 20.13: etDNA: Tumor-Derived DNA from Pleural Effusion Supernatant as a Promising Source for NGS-Based Mutation Profiling in Lung Cancer

Natthaya Triphuridet
Chulabhorn Hospital, Thailand
P2 06-006: Screening Values for CEA and Cyfra 21-1 for Lung Cancer in Combination with Low Dose CT (LDCT) in High-Risk Populations 

Dongsheng Yue
Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital, China
OA 16.04: Efficacy and Safety of Erlotinib vs Vinorelbine/Cisplatin as Adjuvant Therapy for Stage IIIA EGFR Mutant NSCLC Patients

Fei Zhou
Department of Medical Oncology, Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, China
P3 15-015: LCNEC Tumor Location, Divided into Central and Peripheral Type, Has Distinct Clinicopathologic Feature, Genomic Characteristics and Survival

Patient Advocacy Awards

Anne Marie Cerato, Canada

Annie Cacciato, USA

Aditya Manna, India

Andrea Prias, Peru

Dégi Csaba László , Romania

Nurse & Allied Health Travel Awards

Laerke Winther
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
P2 10-003: The Deterioration and Prognostic Value of Functional Capacity in Patients with Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review

Zhi Xuan Lin
Chi Mei Medical Center, Taiwan
P1 10-006: Adverse Events After First Line Target Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Pateints in a Case Management Model

International Mentorship Awards

Noor Alsaadoun
University of Calgary, Canada
P1 06-005: Sex-Based Disparities in NSCLC: An Evidence-Based Study

Aseem Rai Bhatnagar
Linear Accelerator Center, SMS Hospital, Jaipur, India
PS 10-007: Quality of Life Across Various Treatment Lines in Metastatic Lung Cancer Patients

Wandee Chanprasertpinyo
Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand
OA 11.04: Effect of Early Palliative Care on Aggressiveness of Cancer Care Near End of Life in Lung Cancer Patient

Valeria Denninghoff
CEMIC, Argentina
P2 02-071: Prospective Molecular Study of 22 Genes by NGS in Patients with Non-Small Cell ung Cancer (NSCLC) in Argentina: A single Institution Experience

Jin Kang
Division of Pulmonary Oncology, Cancer Center, Guangdong Lung Cancer Institute (GLCI), Guangdong General Hospital (GGH), China
P1 01-009: Clinically Primary and Secondary Resistance to ALK Inhibitors in ALK-Positive Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Madiha Kanwal
Kunming Institute of Zoology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming, China
P1 02-040: Genetic Risk Evaluation in Families with Lung Cancer History in High Lung Cancer Mortality Region of Xuanwei, China

Sze Shyang Kho
Respiratory Medicine Unit, Sarawak General Hospital, Malaysia
P2 12-001: Early Experience with Radial Endobronchial Ultrasound with Guide Sheath for Diagnosis of Peripheral Pulmonary Lesion

Milica Kontic
Clinic for Pulmonology, Clinical Center of Serbia, Serbia
P3 05-005: Hypermethylation of the RASSF1A and SOX1 Genes in Tumor DNA Predicts Unfavorable Overall Survival in Surgically Resercted NSCLC Patients

Wenhua Liang
The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, China State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease, National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease, Guangzhou, China
P3 02-008: Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Solitary Pulmonary Nodules Using High-Throughput Targeted DNA Methylation Sequencing of Circulating Tumor DNA

Fariz Nurwidya
Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
P1 02-065: Histone Deacetylase Inhibition Alters Stem Cell Phenotype in Gefitinib-Resistant Lung Cancer Cells with EGFR Mutation

Abhishek Shankar
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, India
P3 06-007: Level of Awareness of Various Aspects of Lung Cancer Among College Studys in India: Impact of Cancer Awareness Programme

Voralak Vichapat
Mahidol University, Thailand
P2 01-009: The Efficacy of Bevacizumab Adding in Standard First Line Chemotherapy and Maintenance Treatment in Advanced NSCLC: A Network Meta-Analysis

Mian Xie
The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, China
MA 16.11: Alterations of Notch Pathway Among Patients with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Trachea and Its Impact on Survival

IASLC Academy Awards

Surein Arulananda
Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, Australia

Ahmed Badawy
Alexandria University, Egypt

Marta Honorio
Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando Fonseca (HFF), Portugal

Jennifer Lewis
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA

Jessica Lin
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Tan Ling
National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore

Benjamin Lok
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Alexander Louie
London Regional Cancer Program, Canada

Deebya Mishra
B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal

Fabio Moraes
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada

Pablo Munoz
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada

Francesco Passiglia
Palermo University Hospital, Italy

Erin Schenk
Mayo Clinic, USA

Lectureship Awards

James Cox Lectureship Award in Radiation Oncology
James Cox will give his award presentation during the Presidential Symposium, Tuesday, October 17, 08:15 - 09:45

Daniel C. Idhe Lectureship Award - Combined Modality

Dirk De Ruysscher
Maastricht University Medical Center, Netherlands
MA 17.10: Toxicity Results from the Randomized Phase III NVALT-11 Study of Prophlactic Cranial Irradiation vs. Observation in Stage III NSCLC

Robert J. Ginsberg Lectureship Award - Surgery

Francesco Guerrera
University of Torino, Italy
OA 16.02: Risk of Recurrence in Stage I Adenocarcinoma of the Lung: A Multi-Institutional Study on the Interaction with Type of Surgery and Type of Nodal Staging

Heine Hansen Lectureship Award - Small Cell Lung Cancer

Taofeek Owonikoko
Emory University, USA
OA 08.06: Exploratory Analysis for Predictors of Benefit of PARP Inhibitor Therapy in Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer: ECOG-ACRIN 2511 Study

Clifton Mountain Lectureship Award - Surgery/Staging

Herbert Decaluwe
University Hospitals KU Leuven, Belgium
OA 16.06: Mediastinal Staging by Videomediastinoscopy in Clinical N1 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: a Prospective Multicentre Study

Tsuguo Naruke Lectureship Award - Staging

Matthew Smeltzer
University of Memphis School of Public Health
OA 15.08: Thoroughness of Staging and the Outcomes of Surgical Resection Outcomes in Potentially Curable Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

Adi Gazdar Lectureship Award - Translational Researach

Katey Enfield
BC Cancer Research Centre, Canada
OA 07.07: Inhibition of the Novel Oncogene ELF3 Abolishes Lung Adenocarcinoma Growth

Nurse & Allied Health Lectureship Award

Morten Quist
Rigshopitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
OA 11.02: Exercise Improves Functional Capacity in Patients with Advance Stage Lung Cancer