Scientific Program

The IASLC 18th World Conference on Lung Cancer is pleased to present the first program overview.

*Please note that the Scientific Program is subject to change.

The World Conference is an educational and scientific event which, due to its multidisciplinary nature, will cover all aspects of the management of lung cancers, mesothelioma, thymic and other thoracic malignancies.

The Conference will provide lectures on accurate diagnosis including molecular diagnosis, state-of-the-art treatment of thoracic malignancies, and recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances. Participants will learn about palliative care and its implementation in daily practice.

Participants will be informed about the possibilities for continuous medical education. They will learn about clinical trial designs and how to become successful investigators of co-operative research groups. The Conference will also allow participants to be better informed about patient support and advocacy groups.

Overall, the participants of the World Conference will benefit with regard to best clinical practice in the area of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies.